Thursday, 15 January 2009

Late night travel doddle

Well I must admit I am pleasantly surprised. I moved here from north london which is on the underground. I have become a virtual prisoner in Plumstead as I dread taking public transport anywhere. Esp the use of the BR train / bus up to the common (did try walking up a few times and it darn well nearly killed me!)

However, having promised a mate to make a night out, I duly left on friday. Train straight to waterloo...lovely. Homeward bound jumped off at Woolwich arsenal and grabbed the 51 all the way to the common less than 10 mins later. Then a quick dash to my front door with a huge grin on my face which was somewhat lessened by the neighbours cat peeing in my front garden.

I can't WAIT to try the DLR now. And who knows, we may even venture with our pushchair back onto London Transport.

Yippeee. Now I'm off to find some cat repellent since the neighbour doesn't take kindly to me pelletting its cat.

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