Monday, 1 November 2010

Open Forums

This is a plea to the Plumstead Integration Project and the Best of Plumstead site. PLEASE open your forums to guest readers. I think that if people are able to read what is on your forums without having to sign up first, they may be more willing to subsequently join in the discussions.
Apologies if you do so. If you do, please tell me how I can read your sites as a guest.


PlumBun said...

I am completely in agreement. Whilst I have no objections about signing up my personal details to things I like to know that they are areas that are of interest to me and that I have not just handed out my email address and am about to receive loads of junk on subjects I have no real interest in. I would have thought they could make the topics open but that you are unable to post unless you sign up. At the moment apart from the front page which gives you no information all the information (even really about what they do) is private. Kind of defeats the object of integration if you ask me!

Emma said...


FuzzyPeople said...


My name is Harry, I signed up with Plumstead Integration Project (PIP) in July and now I am a trustee for my sins.
Apologies that you are currently unable to browse the on-line chatter. Thank you for your constructive critisism. I will raise your points at the steering group meeting tonight and push for open to all access. I agree it does not encourage integration nor open discussion and yes; the 'home' page needs to give more information about our aims and objectives.

PIP is a relatively inexperienced group of local people like yourselves trying to improve whats on offer in Plumstead; The Plumstead Film Festival, which launches on Dec 4th (See yesterday's Greenwich Time page 21) and the 50's Jazz & Swing party on the 10th Dec is the first of many such initiatives.. check it out or email me for more info