Thursday, 2 December 2010

BT Infinity

Question to all you love Plumsteadians (Plummies, Plummers, Greenies (inclusive one that), Commoners, oooh I digress), have any of you tried BT Infinity and what do you think of it? Is the service reliable (unlike my shite Virgin bb which went doolally yesterday and interrupted my xmas shopping).


Doctor Pangloss said...

The BT engineer installed mine this morning.

The broadband is seriously fast. I downloaded a 450Mb file in under 2 minutes.

The Fat Controller said...

Both BT and Virgin are a crap shoot. We had Virgin in Lee; down more than up. Switched to BT; excellent.

Moved to Welling. Couldn't even get BT broadband as we are slightly too far from the exchange. Had little choice but to go with Virgin. My logs show 9 outages in the past 32 months. None lasting more than 10 mins.

BT Infinity line test shows we may get 10mbit out of 20. I'm getting 48mbit on Virgin.

It all comes down to 2 things each. With BT its distance to the exchange and how close to a fibre based pedestal you are. With Virgin its down to who's cable network they inherited and how much they have rebuilt it.

Plummy Mummy said...

Thanks for the responses. According to bt we can get 29.9mbps upload which is better than our supposed virgin 20mb. But you are right, it depends on your connection - our wifi really slows us down, distance to server etc as I'm sure we don't achieve anything near 20mb with virgin. All very techy so I may leave it to the IT other half.