Monday, 31 October 2011

The Horror of Pink

I hate Halloween which I've always seen as a vulgar American import, an excuse for shops to sell tat and for kids to roam about begging for food.
It turns out that it's a Scottish thing though there was only treat and no trick according to my Scottish relatives. So it's tradition and who am I to go against tradition?
Tot has gone off to nursery today not dressed as a pumpkin or a witch (both outfits are in her repertoire) but as a bright fluorescent pink fairy with a sparkly wand and a bag full of sparkles. Well, if it's OK for Carol Kane, it's OK for us.
We have done the pumpkin thing which I justified by saying we could eat the flesh (urgh inappropriate word for a vegie)- but it turned out to be  horrid, unripe, unappetising and went to the bin. I tried roasting the seeds with scream inducing amounts of chili powder and chili flakes but no good - shame as I'd have liked to hand those out tonight to any roaming beasties that dare knock on our door. Instead, they will get raisins. Muhhhahahahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaa cough cough cough.

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