Friday, 9 December 2011


I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for the postie - he's had to come to our house almost every day recently delivering a parcel on top of all the normal letter deliveries. Thing is, it's easy to shop online - to choose bargains, find alternatives, check stock levels and to read reviews. However, the downside is you have to wait for the items and you don't really know what they are like until they arrive. Regarding reviews of products, I've realised that they aren't always reflective of what the actual item is like - I wonder what proportion of buyers actually bother writing a review.
Our kid HATES shopping in real shops with a passion. Any kind of shop. She finds it boring and within a few minutes of stepping out of the car will moan and whine and declare she's tiiiiiired and generally get on my wick. I've let her get away with it so we hardly ever venture out of the house. But now, I'm putting my foot down and making her understand that no matter how boring it is, that's life and she's just going to have to go with the flow. If she's good she gets a treat and one of her faves is going to a cafe so there we are - go out shopping and get into a cafe.
Luckily for her, there are very few shopping areas in Scotland. Certainly you don't have your Brent Crosses, Bullrings, Bluewaters or Trafford Centres up here. Edinburgh lovely as it is, is piss poor for shopping. Surprisingly for us Dundee actually has a decent centre. But if you are serious about shopping you head to Glasgow which is a mecca for shopaholics. We went last weekend with a treat promised of a fair which was just outside the station. Kid was placated by a ride on a carousel (why do little girls love horses so???) and with a promise to go ice-skating later. The area around Queen street wasn't busy. We ended up in Enoch Square shopping centre where Mr Plummy and kid spent so much time in the Disney store that I was able to go around about 4 shops and still got bored waiting for them.   Eventually we made it to the Christmas market. Most of it was not of interest but little one was in love with the honey doused French Crepe made by genuine Frenchmen. I think given a chance she would have eaten until she burst.
At this point, we split and I headed to Buchanan street which is FULL of shops. So many that my head became dizzy. I spent so much time pissing about in John Lewis that I didn't get to any other shops. Probably good as my savings are dwindling and we don't have the spare cash for sprees. We do always have just enough money for a cafe!
A great day out slightly marred by journey home on a stupidly short train where we were all crammed in like sardines and where not one person gave up their seat for kid who ended up sitting on a table. I got so angry when an older gentleman got on board and dumb arse younger people continued to sit - so I ordered one of them to get up and give him a seat. Do not mess with a mother who has a tired child is all I can say.

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Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

I miss the shopping in Glasgow, but it's changed.
French Crepes in Glasgow?
Whatever next?

Well done on telling the lout to get up.
Have you seen the teenagers favourite blog?

A gem.

Keep enjoying Larbert.