Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Five Sisters Zoo

Sun 29th April: Five Sisters Zoo
The plan had been to go to Edinburgh zoo with friends and their little girl to see pandas but the tickets were sold out so we opted for somewhere local.  I've been meaning to go but waited as Five Sisters Zoo has just got some rescued bears that I wanted to see. Before going in you pass the biggest rabbits I've ever seen. It's alos next to the Leaping Lemurs soft play area which I'll cover later.
Again, was a bit take aback by the entrance fee of £7.95 for adults and £5.95 for kids but this zoo had a lot more to see than the Owl Centre.
There were for example some owls!
We started off in the reptile house which though smelly, had some very interesting creatures. I'm still shuddering thinking of the snakes.
Then onto the monkeys and other such furry creatures - not a huge selection but they were really active and fun to watch. Look at these cute lemurs all bunched trying to stay warm. So cute.

Next Owls! Yep,  there is quite a little collection here.
There was quite a lot to see in the zoo and there is also a fairground area but we steered clear as the rides cost extra. Instead we went up to see the donkeys and ponies who have a very large area to move about in. Unfortunately, we didn't see the sign asking us not to feed them as it was a bit away from the path...shame as I had fun pulling up grass to give to the donkey.
And finally to see the bears. We only managed to spot one (Carmen I think) but I was happy to see that they have a rather large area to walk around in....they had been treated very cruelly where they were before so I hope they can recover at the zoo.
Again, I wish we had gone on a warmer day as it was freezing and my little one was not enjoying herself.
We left the zoo and went to the adjoining soft play centre Leaping Lemurs. There is a separate entrance fee for this with a discount for kids if you have zoo tickets. There is a very large indoor area with tunnels and slides and secret passages. Lots of seating around the centre (so no H&S concerns about parents walking around with hot drinks with kids running about!!). There is also an outside area with a giant pirate ship. As it was cold indoors was packed and we found a very cramped table under some slides. But once settled, it was great. Our kids ran around having fun. Sadly, this was their first meeting and they didn't play together but it was fine as there was plenty for them to do. I tried to have a go on some slides but my kid was having none of it. She was off and away by herself. Part of me worried as the place is huge but luckily, our girls had the sense to come to us if they  worried about anything.
The restaurant food is pretty much the standard fare at these places...I had a lovely cup of tea which is a blessing when it's so cold.
Conclusion: I enjoyed the zoo more than my kid but I put that down to the cold. It's a run down place, especially compared to e.g. London Zoo but the latter have more resources. I'd visit again. And we will definitely go back to the soft play especially with the mid week discounts.

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