Saturday, 23 June 2012

Gorgie City Farm Edinburgh

I'm a bit of a fairweather gal. Not in the sense of abandoning friends when things get rocky but the more literal, when it's fairweather I'm happy to be out and about. When it's raining, hailing, snowing or blowing up a bit of a gale, I like to be holed up at home with a cuppa, some cake and a bit of crochet.
However, after 2 days stuck at home,we decided to brave the rain and made our way to Gorgie City Farm in Edinburgh.
The farm is free to get into and run by volunteers. As you would expect, it's nowhere as slick as the Almond Valley Heritage centre - this put our kiddo off until she saw the play area. There were a few people there despite the rain showers but we still managed to get up close to the animals. Kiddo even had a go at stroking a rabbit which was the softest thing ever.
I was mighty jealous of the herb garden which is full of all sorts of herbs. A real sensory experience as the rain then sun made the fragrances of herbs fill the air.
There are loads of chickens,including a cool mama hen who was black and white with bright purple legs being followed around by two fat little babies. Unfortunately, just by the entrance was a very ugly chicken...haste past that when you go. There are lots of ducks, sheep, a goat, a beautiful pony called Red and some of the fattest pigs I have ever seen.
We finished with a trip the the Gorgie City Farm Cafe that is onsite. It's part of network of Edinburgh community cafes and have a loyalty card scheme which is handy.
We spent roughly an hour and half there including being in the cafe. A nice way to spend some time out doors.
Beautiful flowers all over the farm


Love birds :)

One of the sculptures around the farm

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