Sunday, 16 September 2012

Indoor gardening

We have a garden where we are currently renting but I'm not really interesting in the garden as we may move before anything grows. I've got my pot plants out there which are doing well despite the wet weather. My limited focus on gardening has been on the stuff growing in our conservatory which is like a hot oven even on the coldest days. Judging by home gardening websites, I'm a shite gardener but I'm pretty chuffed with the strawberry and chili plants I have. They have some fruit. It's probably too late in the year and I daren't taste them (especially the strawberries which are kiddo's) but they are ever so pretty.


Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Lucky you. I have the dreaded "brown fingers" and tend to kill every plant I touch.

BTW That first picture has the weirdest straberries I've ever seen.

Plummy Mummy said...

They are very odd. Not so sure about eating them as they are a bit squishy.