Saturday, 17 November 2012

My numex twilight chilli

So this is the packet that my brother in law gave me last Christmas:

I expected lovely long chillies. The packet said they were Twilight Numex Chillies. Never even heard of the variety. Did a Google search and nothing came up. Gulp. 
What I got were short beautiful purple ones, that eventually went a glorious red and yellow colour. I waited and waited, then waited some more for them to get long but they never went past the stubby stage (we know how disappointing that can be girls, don't we?!!). Then when a new lot started to sprout, I decided to cut the stubby ones off. They are a really lovely red colour but I was worried about them being ornamental, non edible fruits. 
Funnily, just did another search on Google and have now found many references to this lovely purple / red chilli  And yippee, it's edible. 
Aren't they just the purtiest thang ever?

1 comment:

Lucia said...

Mmm, shiny! I'm a bit scared of chillies in my food personally but I hope you enjoy them :)