Friday, 24 May 2013

My best friend is Muslim

My best friend is Muslim. She's a normal person. We first met at a north west London school 35 years ago when she sat at the desk in front of me cos her surname began with an "A" and mine with a "B".

When mindless idiot men do something so utterly horrific as hack another human being to death in the name of her religion, it makes me angry and also very, very afraid for her. Afraid that some idiot will do something to her as she's got a headscarf on.
I've already lost an old school friend to that type of utter scum idiot - I truly do not want to lose another. I condemn such savagery, as all decent human beings do.

And my heart goes out that a son has lost his father, a wife her husband, sisters their brother, a mother and father his son.


Lucia said...

:( I worked in a school where over 50% of the children and many of the staff were Muslim. I became friends with some of the staff and had plenty of communication with the Muslim parents too. It helps when you can see so clearly that every religion has the whole array of characters and personalities, from the calm/warm/inspiring/vulnerable/oh so ordinary to the unpleasant/scary/difficult. That understanding doesn't take away the violent extremists though. Hope your friend stays safe. x

Plummy Mummy said...

Thank you.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

It's so stupid.
I don't agree with any type of religion, but each to their own. It's when the stupid extremists (of any stupid religion, look at Northern Ireland)get out of control that the innocent get hurt.