Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Toddler schedules for new year!

As the hubby and I took a walk with the little one all snuggly in her babysnuggle blanket this sunny but frosty weekend, we started thinking what we should schedule the baby to do next year.

There is not much choice within Plumstead beyond the stay and play sessions (tues at the Slade are nice and convenient and usually toddler has fun). But we want to be harness her currently latent creative genius and wouldn't mind if she becaming a singing sensation (though not Xfactor material) so have been trawling postings etc for suitable classes. I currently take her to one in Greenwich but that's a bit of a post lunch dash and there is always the danger that lunch will be posted over the back of our car. Also, it kinda is carbon footprinting as we take the car. So we are looking closer to home. Maybe I will just set up with a picnic blanket, my pink plastic recorder and an acoustic guitar on the Common. Should be fun as I am currently tone deaf (I live in hope that the practice in the shower will change this sad fact).

In the meantime, her schedule is wide open and she has the fun of having unscheduled fun for now.


Doctor Pangloss said...

Have you checked out Mycenae House at the Standard? Still a car journey away but slightly nearer than Greenwich. They have all sorts of toddler classes but not sure about afternoon sessions. There is definitely a glut of afternoon activities for toddlers.

When I get some time, I want to compile this sort of information on www.plumsteadshire.com. Trouble is time is what I lack.

BTW, welcome to world of blogging.

AJWInBlack said...

I agree with the good doctor - our little'un enjoys Caterpillar Music at Mycenae House on a Friday. There are two sessions at 10 and 10.50 am. Anna is brilliant and also runs a session (or 2) on Tuesdays.

But that still doesn't address the dearth of toddler activities in Plumstead. With the number of buggies I see being pushed around the Common there is a definite demand.