Saturday, 7 February 2009

Woodlands Farm Trust

We needed to escape our house today. I had taken the baby for a strenous stroll a few times this week, stubbornly pushing my way through ice and snow - but the poor thing didn't manage to see much as she was safely tucked up with hat and buggysnuggle and a rain cover!

So we took the car up to the Woodlands Farm. What a splendid treat. Its free although they ask for donations (we didnt' find the bucket so next time, we'll put in double).
The little one got to see lots of chickens including some saved from battery farming, a bearded goat, the cutest shetland pony and loads and loads of sheep. Baa baa baa. Alas both the guinea pigs and oink oink pigs were hiding. Will try to see them next time.

The walk was finished off with watching the duck ice scate! Great great fun. On a warmer day I would be tempted to finish off the afternoon by going to the cafe at Oxleas Wood which has amazing views of London and does decent fare.

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