Thursday, 26 February 2009

Abbey Wood loveliness

Decided to go a bit further a field today. Have been with the family for walks around LesNes Abbey a few times and ventured in the woods around there that were just covered with billions of chestnuts.

Today we stopped off near Bostall Woods. The area is not completely baby friendly as there seems to be a lack of paths. So I had to cut through the woods. Now normally with hubby in tow that's ok, but alone with baby I felt a little bit scared. No need really as we emerged from the woods unscathed.

I am always amazed at the amount of green around here. And really grateful for the lot that bought up the woods and saved them from being developed. Yay! I am sure old Henry VIII would approve.

The drive to Plumstead was fine until we hit the school run. I really hope that when the LO goes to school, it's within walking distance so I don't have to clog up the roads like those mummycarriers I saw today.

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food dude said...

After all that walking in Abbey Wood, there is nothing better than coming home and ordering a big fat Takeaway