Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Lenton Path...of shame

Lenton Path is a much neglected piece of land that makes it easier to get from Tuam to Macamo roads in Plumstead.

It is often full of rubbish - a quick call to the council and that gets cleared but how often can one keep doing that?

Graffiti - from idiots that don't know how to spell

The realm of muggers. One of which decided to attack my neighbour - the attacker by all accounts was a tall lad. The victim a little old 82 year old widow with really nothing worth taking in her handbag. The twit-mugger was only after cash so he tossed her bag onto the Common so at least she got her house keys back. But what an utter and total coward. He got caught by a policewoman but managed to get out of her grasp (she got a good look at him so chances are he'll be caught).

I've always hated this path but now I have very good reason to avoid it. I wonder how the people who own the houses along this path feel - happy to have it become a muggers and asbos haven?

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