Sunday, 29 March 2009

Toddlers and daylight saving

Its hard enough getting little ones to sleep through but twice a year, we have to deal with Daylight saving time.

As we did last night. As the UK has done since 21st May 1916 (following the footsteps of Germans and Austrians...even during the war!) in a bid to save fuel.

Of course, no one explained to the tot that the clocks had changed at 2am. So at the new 7.30am (which was my old ghastly 6.30am), the tot awoke. And decided that mummy should also wake.

The whole day has been a bit strange as breakfast was eaten an hour early for her and she didn't finish it. And lunch was at 1pm (her old 12).

I guess it will take time for her to adjust. Apparently some articles I read said it will be as if she has jetlag and will take time to adjust to the time clock.

ROSPA was to adopt single/double summer time that would bring us in line with European time.

BAH I say!

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