Thursday, 12 March 2009

Technological time machine

Its happened again. I have a small window of opportunity to look things up on the web whilst the tod sleeps.

I was meant to be looking up courses for teacher training and nutrition (I figure these are safe career bets as there will always be sprogs, Children of Men scenario notwithstanding, and there will always be chubby people in need of advice, until that magic gene therapy enhanced pill comes out for instant healthiness).

But NOOOOOooo, I started looking at my blog. Then other blogs. Then online cartoons. Then other stuff.

I keep meaning also to do a list of usability requirements for children's toys and gear. So I started doodling that down.

Then remembered I wanted to upload a picture from ages ago. This leads me to search nooks and crannies for the cable that my rubbish phone takes (IR was so much simpler and don't mention bluetooth to me).

And suddenly an hour has gone by. A whole hour just sucked up in the technological time machine.

Here's the picture. Isn't it lovely. Taken with a rather rubbish mobile phone camera so I'm impressed with myself. Bit late as the snow has gone etc but I'm going to have this as my profile pic for now.

The usability list will have to wait for now. As will the following to - dos:
1. Become a world class chef and kick some TV chef ass.
2. Put tod in nursery/childminder some social type group.
3. Learn to play an instrument.
4. Clean dishes and take clothes out of washing machine.
5. Find that pork chop recipe for tonight and figure out a vegie version for self.
6. Send card to mate who has bought new house.
7. Send card to mate who's missus has given birth.
8. Learn HTML and fix the UI of this blog!
9. Put together wedding album before our 2nd anniversary in April.
10. Stop eating junk.
11. Take tod to museums in Greenwich and the artillery one in Woolwich.
12. Take tod out for fresh air.
13. Get more interesting items for your list
14. Stop reading Facebook which is the biggest sucker upper of time
15. Remember skinny people also need nutritional advice
16. Pick up tod who is now freaking crying and change her nappy

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