Sunday, 8 March 2009

What do children remember?

This is something I've been thinking about lately.

When I was pregnant, I often thought I must keep a diary when the toddler is born so that in the future he or she can read every thought and event that happened. This is partly because I don't remember much of anything before the age of about 7. The odd memory is with me but it's very fleeting and I sometimes think that what I remember didn't really happen.

Anyway, AD, I didn't do the diary as I was a tad busy with breastfeeding and nappies and generally reading up on parenting theories.

Now a year and half on, I'm starting to think I should write down what I can remember from the last year and half.

I am curious how much children remember. Should I be taking the toddler to galleries and filling each day with brain developing activities? Should I make sure she gets her 60 minutes or more activity everyday but taking her to the park and playground? Should I be taking her to music, ballet, art, cookery and whatever else classes? Is it fine to leave her in front of the TV for some time while I make dinner? Will she remember this heartless, regular daily abandonment? Or should I take her into the kitchen so she can watch me cook (and in doing so become a world class cook? hee hee) and let her choke on fumes from the grown up dinner?

I hope she will remember all the hugs and kisses I'm giving her. Especially as I realise that soon the day will dawn when she'll want to get away from my smothering (It's mothering) grasp just so she can watch the box.

So if anyone knows, please tell me what do children really remember?

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