Monday, 23 March 2009

Need a bigger house

When my husband bought this house, it was big enough for him. When I moved in, I demanded lots more cupboard space but he was still able to have a study.

Now we have a tot, this house is way too small. And there is not much space for expansion.

So we considered moving. We hoped the opening of the Woolwich DLR would help with raising the price of our house but think the creditcrunch has killed that idea.

Taking a walk around Plumstead, even in our little cul-de-sac, we noticed there is lot of DIY going on. Houses are being sold which is also heartening though at reduced prices if you believe the stats on this site:

There are homes which are being improved which is another good sign. Plummy is well placed for DIYers as there are two Wickes close by and the B&Q in Charlton (though it never seems to stock what we are in need of!).

Unfortunately, I'm rubbish at DIY. Its too hard work. I would rather pay someone to do the work but again creditcrunch is pulling tight on our purse strings.

So for now, we will step over all the tot's toys and try to cram our books, cd and dvds onto the shelves we have. And I've stopped buying clothes.

Hey ho.

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