Friday, 27 March 2009

Brain dead

I'm definitely getting the cold so have been a bit brain dead this week. Yesterday was a busy day - beginning with a visit to the playgroup. This was our first outing in the week as the little one has been ill. Had fun there and it was nice to talk to other mums though I was a bit puzzled by the parenting style of some of the carers (an issue I'll cover in another post). Back home, I was trying to fill in a job application and do an online test. The test took longer than I thought as I kept being interrupted by the tot. Not her fault. She was bored. Eventually, and guiltily, I persuaded her to sleep.
Then I tried very unsuccessfully to make Scottish lentil soup - my husband loves soup and even though I rang the MIL for the recipe, it still burnt but left lentils uncooked. It burnt as I was still filling in forms.
Husband came home and I just let him get on with tot and dinner. Very unfair of me but the application had a deadline.
Now it's a new day and I feel I should make up to the tot. I feel crap but will drag myself out when she wakes from her nap.
Then I will try to be creative with mushrooms (B vits and protein), spinach (iron) and rice (carbs). As there is no form filling involved, I am sure I will manage not to burn her dinner. Whether she eats it is an entirely different matter.

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