Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Cough cough splutter splutter

First the daddy was ill last week. A rather nasty cold that lasted days and days. And now the tot has had a cold and has a cough. I don't think she got this one from daddy, but instead some of the snot ridden kids at the playgroup we visited last week. Or maybe from the swings in the Greenslade playground. And this is the 2nd cold this year (so on average she's due another 6 this year).

She's lost her lunch today so I'm following her around our front room trying to get her to drink water and have some crackers. She goes from mad running around to lying on the sofa looking listless. Poor thing. Lots of hugs for the little one (which I have to give else she cries her little eyes out).

Its inevitable that I will catch it. I always do. I do wonder why I'm not immune to any of the colds she gets - I've had a fair few in my life and hope that once in a while I'm immune to some she has picked up. I should build my immunity before she starts nursery as she's bound to bring home even more germs!

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Doctor Pangloss said...

The annoying thing is that when I pick up a cold from Toddler Pangloss, he bounces back so much more rapidly than I do.