Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Power of One

What do you do when the Council don't fulfill their obligations? Go on strike, vote for the opposition, stage a demonstration?

I live in an area the council deems to be a private estate. Its not - its a cul-de-sac and the other residents lower down the road (that is not a cul de sac) get the full range of services from the council. But my neighbours and we do not. And are we entitled to a reduction in Council tax...hell no.

They council don't take away our recycling. As tod had a tendency to need a few nappy changes, that means our rubbish gets full. We have to cart our other recyclables to the bins opposite Co-op. This is fair enough...but the laughable thing is that the Council have given our household a blue and green bin. So they give us the bins then tell us that we are not entitled to collections. Then they don't take the ugly things away so that any passerby who feels free to put trash into them does so and we are left with the stink to clear away.

They don't deal with an ever growing knotweed problem. Scourge of gardeners, ruiner of houses (it causes subsidence) and damn ugly. Another borough wide issue.

They don't repair walls. I'm waiting to see if the wall will fall on a neighbour's child or an elderly neighbour hobbling past to see if this spur the council on.

This is an ongoing saga that has left all living here feeling rather angry. We know we aren't the only ones in the borough to have issues but from what I can see, there doesn't seem to be a damn thing to do about it.

Roll on the Olympics when the world will see what a shite part of London this is turning into.

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