Wednesday, 11 August 2010


First the government posed the question of stopping school milk. Now they are stopping the building of playgrounds.
We really enjoy the playgrounds that Greenwich has to offer - the fancy one at Greenwich park to the more basic ones in Winns Common, Eaglesfield Park, Charlton Park and Greenwich Pleausance. One of these days, I may even be tempted into the outdoor gym at Charlton Park.
We are very lucky in this Borough to have so many green spaces (even if some are covered in dog poop)
I hope that in the run up to the Olympics the Playground to Podium scheme will not be affected by Govt cuts.

I also hope that the Plumstead Garden improvements continue as gawd knows, the kids around the High Street deserve somewhere nice and safe to play.

P.S. I really expected to see more kids in the streets over summer. Where are they all?

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