Friday, 4 February 2011

Colour blind child

One of little one's favourite games de jour is loudly commenting on the differences between her and other people. She is no longer allowed to go into the bathroom when daddy is having a shower as he got embarrassed at her pointing to his different parts and asking about them. She finds if funny that some people have round large tummies (i.e. me) whereas others are flat (i.e. Daddy).
There there are differences about the colours people are. At first I was a bit taken aback as she loudly exclaimed that that person is white, that person is black, that person is shade of pink etc. thinking she was going to treat people differently but for her it's an innocent observation of the world rather than a factor to differentiate. Sometimes she gets confused though - for ages she insisted that she was black and eventually we realised she meant the colour of her hair. I'd love her to come across a rainbow haired punk just to see what she would make of that.
Other differences she is less fond of are when she is called small or baby. She wants to be a big girl and even when her 6 year old cousin towers above her, she insists that she is the same size or even bigger. Gulp, I hope this isn't some form of bulimia!

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