Friday, 25 February 2011

Event: 16th April Benefit Gig for the Plumstead Make Merry

Right let's get something straight before we go on. I'm not a huge fan of the Make Merry. I've been a few times, blogged about it last year and have come to the conclusion it's really not for me. BUT, and this is a huge but (snigger, snigger), there are a lot of locals around here who do like it. AND (boolean logic here), I would like it to continue and (OR) become more my kind of festival ... foodie/crafty/dare-I-say stuck up me would like.
What strikes me as bleeding obvious is that the Plumstead Make Merry is the closest to BIG SOCIETY that I can think of. It's a David Cameron dream event run by volunteers for the purpose of serving the local society. So the fact that it's meagre grant from local council has been cut just seems contradictory (even though I suspect it means perhaps a service like childcare can go on).
As their funding has been cut, the Make Merry men (and women) have to find alternative funds and equipment. To this end, they are holding a benefit bash at the Pavilion (fingers crossed soon to be local hub of cafe society and defo my kind of place) the Rugby Club Pavilion on Plumstead. Woohoooo I'm one for supporting any gig that happens there and if the end result is that there is some dosh in the coffers for the PMM then superdooper. They are still looking for talent for the show so if you are the next Tinie Tempah, or JLS, follow the link to volunteer your services.
To hear a discussion on the cuts and their effect on services, tune in the In the Meantime radio show this Sunday and ask Tory Councillor Nigel Fletcher (who's title is dep leader of opposition blah blah Social Inclusion) why the Make Merry is not Big Society.

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