Friday, 29 July 2011

A moving experience

The packers are here and half our stuff has been boxed up. The rest will be done tomorrow and then away they go to Scotland with our lives safe in bubble wrap, paper and cardboard. We will follow on Sunday.
It's going to be fantastic living under the same roof as Mr Plummy Mummy. We have all missed that a lot.
Last week, tot finished at the excellent Greenslade nursery. Her teacher and the assistants are the loveliest people. I'm going to miss the parents at the gates in the mornings as [mostly] they were such a down-to-earth normal lot. Tot is very excited about going to Scotland but I am sure there will be tears next week when she realises we can't just pop round to see L (boy), A (girl), L (girl), I (girl), O or I (boys) or down to the woods with P (boy), G (boy) and C (boy). All gorgeous kids who we will both miss like mad.
Talking about kids, a unplanned surprise happened this week as I saw the magic Clearblue words "Pregnant 1-2 weeks". Even hubby, who hadn't been keen in the past, was happy. But the joy was ridiculously shortlived as I began to miscarry on Wednesday. We went through this two years ago though that time, the pregnancy was slightly further along and we felt a lot sadder. Don't get me wrong, we are realistic about age and our chances, but it still sucks. The move is keeping us distracted for now but when the dust settles, the tears will flow.
Our time in the borough feels shortlived too as we weren't ready to move but circumstances dictate that we must. We live on a friendly cul de sac - some of our neighbours popped in today thinking we were going as the van is outside.
So many great things are happening in Greenwich and it's been wonderful to see the improvements in Plumstead.

Thank you for popping by to read this blog. I'm keeping the name for now as frankly, I love it. The writing won't be about Plumstead but this blog was never just about that - instead it will be about the next chapter in the Plummy Mummy household and whatever else takes my fancy so it's goodbye but just for now - up, up and AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Raven said...

Hi, I've been reading about your move and been meaning to say for ages that we'll miss you around these parts. I hope you'll still blog and tweet so that we can still keep track of you (and who knows, even be in touch!) Wish you all the very best for the future. Who knows, you may get more chance of seeing Harpdeep Singh Kohli live up in Scotland! Rx

Steve said...

Good luck!

The Fat Controller said...

All the Best with the move and enjoy your new home, and thanks for your enjoyable writings.

AJWInBlack said...

Good luck! It was great meeting you in Boppin' Bunnies all those years ago! Thanks again for the bike, which has become my summer hobby - after all, as a teacher, I have nowt else to do over the loooong summer holiday!

hilly said...

Farewell mummy. The Plumstead blogging gang have just lost their funniest and most moving spokesperson...I've always looked forward to your musings over the last couple of years, and hope you find lots to write about during your Scottish adventures. Bye for now!

Shaheen said...

Ah so you must be in Scotland now and still settling in your new home. I hope the weather hasn't been to unkind during your move. I hope you and your family settle in well.

PS I've bumped into Hardeep Kohli Singh a number of times in Glasgow city centre (not as smiley as he appears on TV). Look forward to reading more about you settling in Scotland.

Lucia said...

Oh gosh I'm so sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Very tough stuff :( I wish you all the very best for your move and your future and I look forward to reading all about it! x