Sunday, 14 August 2011

A netless life

Well here we are. The move is done - phew maybe now for a while we can concentrate on being a family.
We are getting a feel of the place and area. Larbert is very small but it's central which is brilliant for travelling to Falkirk, Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh. Yesterday we went into Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival - it was really busy and apparently a bigger festival than ever. I hope to go in again but will try to book a show for the little one who got bored walking around. I also need to learn to walk on stilts so I can see above crowds around street shows. Edinburgh Book Show also started this weekend and I want to go back for that. Did you know that Iain Banks is a Scot? There is also a chance to meet Ian Rankin - wooohooo.
In terms of the house - it's suck being tenants again after living as owners. The place we have rented was someone's home rather than an investment property so we are somewhat walking in their shoes. The decor while not offensive is dated and a bit well, magnolia.
There are no nets (voiles) in the bedrooms or front and living rooms. I like to walk around in either my dressing gown or T-shirt and don't want the impose this sight on the outside world - it's just not ready for that. When I asked the landlady if we could put up nets, explaining that we like our privacy (have a sodding right to it actually especially as we have a little girl), she looked both confused and unwilling and said she would think about it. This frankly has got my blood boiling. especially as she has nets in the bathroom and loo both of which have obscure windows!!!!!
Funny thing though - as I walk around the neighbourhood, I see about 50% of houses don't have nets. Are people dressed at the crack of dawn or don't they use the front rooms unless curtains are drawn, or do they like to show off their homes? It's a mystery.
I have been net-less in another way too, this time on the technology front. For a week and half I had to use my phone as a modem as we waited for our broadband to be activated. The phone modem was not at all bad but it ate up the MBs superfast. I'm so glad that I'm back on the net and can now watch youtube videos to my hearts content.
The lack of a net connection also meant relying on the TV or radio to learn about the recent surreal events in England - watching it made me somewhat glad that we had moved. I heard that apparently Scots do not riot/mass loot like the English - need to look into that when I can.
The TV and media have a lot to answer for as IMHO they hyped up the madness.
I'm also concerned that all social networks are being lumped into the same pool. Surely there is a difference between encrypted messaging vs vs. the public openness of Facebook and Twitter.
Anyhooo, if you were directly affected by any of the madness, my utmost sympathies to you. I sincerely hope normality returns soon.

P.S. Apologies for the blog layout and design which is pants. Blogger doesn't have the same templates function as Wordpress so it takes longer (or a knowledge of HTML) to improve matters. Another thing on my list of ToDos.


Doctor Pangloss said...

Greeting from The Shire.

It has been a completely surreal week. Last weekend, la famiglia Pangloss went to Dorset for a relaxing camping trip. I thought four days without wi-fi was going to be torture, but I survived. Thinking about it, 'Four Days Without WiFi' sounds like a snappy title, maybe I'll write a screenplay about the riots and tout it around Hollywood and retire on my percentage of the box office takings? Or maybe not.

Having been camping, we avoided newspapers, the wireless and cut ourselves off from the wider world, which was really refreshing, so it was a shock to the system when we arrived back, discovering that a war zone appeared on our doorstep.

I've deliberately not blogged about the riots as it seems it's been blogged and tweeted to death by others. And anyway, where do you start? I have a hate/hate relationship with Twitter as I just don't understand it and don't like the interface, but have finally discovered that's how one hears what's happening before it's reported by BBC & Sky. Such immediacy is also dangerous as I've discovered that a false tweet can spread like wild fire and next thing you know, the twittering masses are misinformed.

Lucky you're well away from it.

Larbert. When I started blogging, I thought Plumsteadshire should have a twin town. Maybe that twin town should be Larbert? I have discovered that James Finlayson (moustachioed 3rd member of Laurel & Hardy), was born in Larbert. Well, the Finlayson stands high in my esteem, and I hope there's a bronze statue of him outside Larbert Town Hall.

I hope you get your net curtains. Sounds like your landlady is making a big deal out of nothing.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm not a fan of the net curtain. Far too old lady/council house chic for me but I do think the landlady is being a bit odd. It's not as if you want to erect a wall. As they are temporary why didn't you just pop them up? I'm not sure I would have asked - I would save the questions for permanent structures or those that might make their mark.
Could you change the curtains to something lighter, therefore allowing you to see and protect your modesty.
I'm often a wandering around Plumsteadville in my undies. I figure they won't linger long if they see me this way. Oh I mean in the house, not on the common...

Plummy Mummy said...

Dr P - nice to hear from you. as for Finlayson thanks for the info but as for Larbert Town Hall, I don't think such a thing exists.

Anon - well now you have me thinking. When I say nets, what I really mean is voiles - you know sheer fabric that just makes windows hard to see through in daytime. Not the lacy curtains our grannies used. I wonder if landlady thought the same - it would explain her reaction. Unfortunately, we have to ask if we plan to make holes in the property. However, where there is a will there is a way - and luckily Command Strips are available for the job. Yippeee happiness.
Did laugh at the image of a person going about the Common in undies.

The Fat Controller said...

SWMBO hates nets and voiles. We ended up putting on a static plastic to obscure the windows facing the street. Perhaps an option for you as its easily removed.

Plummy Mummy said...

What's SWMBO? Static plastic...will have to look into that. cheers.

The Fat Controller said...

SWMBO = She Who Must Be Obeyed. A reference to Rumpole as its what he called his wife. B&W sell the static stuff. It comes in a variety of patterns and styles. The downside is it tends to peel after a few years so a quick soak in the tub and its as good as new.

Shaheen said...

Larbert is a good choice. Its a place i looked into a while ago, but the house prices got to us. Scotland has this system of outbidding, not a fixed price, so the flats and houses were not affordable. It has great train links to all the cities.

Put up the net curtains, your renting the place now, so make it comfy for you and your family.

Nigel said...

Good luck to you in your new home!
FWIW I knew "Iain Banks is a Scot", it is obvious in all of his books.
By and large they are set in Scotland, and are excellent.