Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Some common things

1. There seem to be hairdressers everywhere. I remember people used to comment on the number of hairdressers/barbers in Plumstead. But you know what, it's the same here. Larbert has a teeny, tiny main street and yet it has 3 barbers and at least 6 hair salons (a new one opened over the weekend). I'm getting concerned that I'll be expected to be coiffured to the hilt. Oh and of course, there are at least 3 estate agents! (But no kebab shops here, just your local fish and chips shop x 2).
2. No matter where we end up living, we always seem just outside the catchment area of the local gorgeous nursery. In our case, we are literally on the wrong side of the (BR) tracks which run perpendicular to our road. Luckily though, the nursery speaks highly of all the Larbert nurseries including the one that tot should go to.
3. No matter how carefully you watch your child, as soon as you take your eye off them, they will fall and bang their head. I have icepacks permanently ready in the fridge for such occasions!
4. Rain falls. Sometimes floods result. And sometimes not. Take waterproofs or an umbrella even if it's bright and sunny.
5. Greggs fudge doughnuts are yummy especially when 4. and 3. above occurs.

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