Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Singing Kettle

Spout, handle, lid of metal, what's insiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide the singing kettle?
Yesterday afternoon we went along to Falkirk Town Hall to watch the Singing Kettle Funny Farm Show. The Singing Kettle are a group of Scottish children's entertainers that's been around forever but are virtually unknown in England. Tot was introduced to the delights of the group by her aunt a few years ago and for a while was Singing Kettle potty so when I saw the show advertised at Falkirk Town Hall, I couldn't resist buying tickets.
Before the show began they threw in some gigantic balloons for the audience to throw around. The show was fun enough but the acoustics at the town hall made it hard to understand every song. This didn't deter anyone as the audience was encouraged to do actions and sing along. Unfortunately, our little one who was dressed as a donkey got very upset as she wasn't chosen to go up on stage. In fact, on the two occassions they asked for volunteers, they didn't chose anyone with a costume on...not great for kids who had made an effort.
Many of the songs were familiar farmyard ones but with a twist added by the entertainers. My favourite was the Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly where the entertainer was doing multiple costume changes.
This was our first experience in the town hall which houses the theatre, a cinema, bar and cafe. It was opened in the 1960s.  I am not sure it would not be built these days because it's not in keeping with the surroundings. However, the theatre was nice enough and we were sat in tiered seats meaning our view was not obscured by the people in front.
We bought a Singing Kettle cd from their stand so for the next few years, I'm going to have that on whenever tot is in the car with me. All together now SPOUT, HANDLE....err maybe not!

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Anonymous said...

Ah! I went to see the SK Funny Farm show back in 99, when both jane was with them and when they were touring in engalnd...i think they would lose their touch if they toured the way they did back then (i have a leaflet from one of the shows and the amount of dates is unreal :') glad your little one enjoyed! p.s. when I was young I was chosen to be taken on stage :D and I was the only one properly dressed up :')