Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Smith Art Gallery Stirling

This weekend we visited the Smith Art Gallery in Stirling. It's a lovely little museum which packed in quite a bit. I was primarily interested in a Spirit of the Celt exhibition which was by 10 textile artists
and also in the Christmas Tingles. Hubby and tot shot through the art exhibit and went through to the history section which was very interesting indeed. There were even some dress up clothes but alas, they were too big for our little gal. She was happy just playing with the TV which was in part of an exhibit. We also took a walk around Aillie's Garden - it looks like a sweet garden but not for winter time. We hastily went inside for a cuppa - which was perhaps the most disappointing part of our visit as the prices were quite high. The highlight for me was hubby buying me a heart necklace from the Tingles collection - mind you I did blatantly point to it and say "Oh how pretty, I want it".  If you are shopping in Stirling and fancy a quick break, then go along. It's not far from the Thistles shopping centre. At the very least the view up to Stirling Castle is worth it.
Sorry for the quality of the pictures and the rather strange layout - I need a better camera and to pick up that book on HTML I bought over a year ago.
Paisley patterns. 

To teach girls household chores

Turtle teapot

Dress up clothes

Cut up shotgun - memorial to those killed in Dunblane 

Stirling Embroiderers Guild Hangman! 

Seats in the garden

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Shaheen said...

The turtle teapot is pretty groovy.