Thursday, 10 November 2011


I was sad to hear of Heavy D's death. For those that don't know, he was a rather large rapper who was most famous for his 80's hit "Now that we found love" - a very upbeat song. He was the same age as me. They don't know what killed him but there is already some speculation that it was linked to his obesity. It sucks to be obese. I'm feeling the bad effects of it as I have either got a stomach ulcer, or gallstones. Big contributing factors in the latter are a) being a woman  and b) being even slightly overweight like what I am. In the last few months, I've had attacks of the most excruciating pain - on one occasion I was stuck in  Edinburgh station with tot and hubby, doubled up in pain and trying to puke my guts out. Luckily, after asking for help from the police, we were taken to a quiet first class lounge so that I could ride out the pain. I have nothing but praise for the station staff and the policeman particularly as I was getting stressed about boarding a train then bringing it to a standstill as I writhed about like a possessed woman.
Since then there have been more attacks. My doc is trying to help with antibiotics, antacids, antispasmodics but the attacks continue to come every few days. This Tuesday it was so bad, that we called an ambulance. My poor tot was distressed as I was taken away. But by the time I arrived at the shiny new Forth Valley hospital the attack was over and I felt like a bit of a twit. I hope it is all sorted soon as at the moment it means I restricted to a low fat, high fibre diet which make for very boring cooking. And don't bring a curry near me as I'm liable to tell you to stick it where the sun doesn't shine.


Shaheen said...

Oh I'm so sorry to read of your health not being good. Re the weight issues, since losing my job and sitting around a lot 9alongside the cooking) I've piled on some weight too. I don't feel good at all. Saying that I am glad you are making some dietary changes to your life. My issue is eating less and getting more excercise.

Lucia said...

oh my lord how awful in so many stressy ways. hugs to you my friend (if I may) x

Plummy Mummy said...

Thank you both. It's getting better so that's a good thing. Just funny how much Drs will throw medication at a person rather than solve the underlying issue first. Hey ho.

Shaheen, I really hope you get yourself a job soon. Though I'm enjoying all the recipes you are posting up.
Lucia - hugs are always gratefully received.