Thursday, 19 January 2012

Live from Livingston

Well the boxes are nearly all unpacked. Just hundreds of CDs/DVDs, mostly Mr Plummy's,to go which need to wait for shelves. Part of me would like to chuck the lot but the other part likes going through the collection and finding something I haven't heard or seen before.
We like this house so much and feel incredibly at home. From the outside it is an ordinary grey box similar to the many others on the street. But unlike our place in Larbert which was pretty on the outside, this one is more "us". So it just goes to show - having a house full of character isn't always the right choice.
We aren't dealing with a persnickety landlady or dodgy electrics here so feel more confident making it a home to suit our needs and tastes. Of course we can't knock down walls or anything so extreme - holes for shelves is the extent of our house designing.
A bonus on our last day in Larbert was being told by my doctor that I don't have gallstones. As for the excruciating pain that I had suffered - the guess is it was caused by a virus that attacked my liver. Well I haven't had an episode for nearly 2 months and with the low fat diet (and a bastard of a cold) I lost weight over Christmas - yay me!
Maybe it's time for a new wardrobe? The town centre here is just a huge shopping centre so I should be all set. Oh but hold on, I'm so skint after Christmas. Where's that winning lottery ticket?

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