Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Things that go bump

Remember those days where you met a lovely other half and got IT on at every opportunity available? Life would be one endless round of rumpy bumpy. You would happily/smugly be 5 minutes late meeting friends just to squeeze in a quick one. Any excuse really. Remember? One of the best excuses has to moving into a new house as every room had to be "christened". I mean EVERY room. Oh what fun. Sigh. That ALL changes when you have a kid in the house. Now, moving house means a few weeks (if you are lucky, months if you are not) of getting the child used to a new room, new wardrobes, new kitchen and snack cupboards, new sounds at night, a new street, possibly new friends.  And sleepless nights as said child has to be soothed at night. Especially if said child walks into Mummy and Daddy's new room and sees a sight children just should not see. Have added a trip to the local DIY shop for door locks on my list of To Dos.

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