Sunday, 26 February 2012

Green around the sills

I was a bit successful last year growing stuff. The supermarket basil grew huge on the window sill in my kitchen (shhh don't mention the other less successful herbs). Outdoors, giant sunflower grew taller than our fence, the curry plants went crazy and the tomato plant tot brought home from nursery sprouted some lovely red fruits. When we moved, I gave away the basil but we took the sunflower and toms. Sadly both of them died after being exposed to the cooler temperature and enough rain to float an Ark.
This year, I've got another supermarket basil but I'm also growing chili plants. Tot's strawberry pot has two very delicate sprouts which I'm afraid to go nearer and last week, she planted her tomato seeds. I cannot wait to gobble them up later this year.
And finally, our landlord left us a lovely bunch of flowers when we moved in. They have since died but I replaced them with a cheap but pretty bunch of spray carnations. Maybe hubby will get the hint that I like flowers and treat me to a bunch someday.

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