Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Back and boy are we busy!

I can't believe its been a week since we have been back. (I'm sorry to readers of my blog but I've been doing Richard Wilson impressions to the tot whilst going round Sainsbury's this afternoon).

Wow the week has flown by. And we have done a lot:
  • Colds
  • Plumstead Great Get together
  • Playground hunting
  • Tot playgroups
The first few days were taken up with taking care of sick hubby who had managed to catch a cold. Then passed that to the tot. So lots of hugs needed there.

Plumstead Great Get together:
On Saturday. Jane of the onedaycafe had sent me an email about this. It was also advertised in the What's on delivered with the local paper. It had the usual council stalls but also music, food stalls and fun stuff for the kids to do. The highlight for us being Andy from cbeebies who strangely looked younger in real life that he does on our HD TV! It was a nice way to spend a few hours and tot loved her balloon and seeing the little train going round. We also liked watching the kids doing the martial arts demo.
The atmosphere was very pleasant and I think anything that brings people out in the community should be encouraged.

Playground hunting:
My memory plays tricks on me especially concerning the distances I have walked. Last year when out walking I passed a lovely playground. On Sunday, I convinced convinced hubby that it was somewhere close to the house. So we started walking, past Shrewsbury Park and upwards towards Shooters hill. I dimly remember the street name Foxsomething or other. We took a few wrong turns and ended up on pavements lined with very tall bushes which forced us to walk single file with the pushchair (would absolutely hate to be alone at night doing this...muggers paradise). And onwards we trotted. Tired, we eventually asked for directions and eventually made it to the Eaglesfield Park playground. What a treat! The view is absolutely stunning (next time we will take the camera). The playground kept tot busy for ages as she is currently in love with slides. Lots of gleeful screams of Wheeeeeee as mummy or daddy went down slides with her. This is a much nicer playground then the one attached to Greenslade school where we normally go.

Wearily we made our way home - too tired to cook we got dinner from Capital Noodle bar (42-44 Plumstead common road). Our first and probably last time there. It's a nice clean restaurant and the staff are friendly. However, the satay chicken was bland for my husband and the beancurd with green peppers for me were overcooked and not at all spicy. Chinese food is just not for me and I really wish there was a good Thai nearby.

Tot's playgroups:
On monday we went to the baby and toddler rhyme time at the Slade library. Unlike the normal one on tuesdays, this group only meets once a month and you have to go on a waiting list (which we did 2 months ago). I was dubious that tot would enjoy it but it seems she did. Tot didn't really join in the craft session but I did enough colouring and cutting for her. She stood open mouth with rapt attention the whole way through the story and enjoyed the rhymes so we will go again. The interesting thing was that mothers at this group are different from those I've come across in other ones.
Then tuesday a Surestart stay and play session and wednesday was back to music in Greenwich (Boppin' bunnies). Driving to Greenwich was so easy as the roadworks are now finished. There seemed to be very few cars on the road so I assume it's Reading Week for the students.
The next two days this week will be filled with playgroups and other activities. I'm determined to keep her busy and make sure she gets her 60 minutes of exercise and also gets so knackered she falls asleep easily at night. The latter has not worked so far. But keep fingers crossed for us...soon tot snores will be heard from our household.

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