Sunday, 24 May 2009

Herne Bay Away Day

Thanks to the Away Day posting from Planet Plumstead, we had a rather pleasant Saturday afternoon in Herne Bay. It made us appreciate the benefits of living in South East London and having access to the lovely Kent coastline.

I found the promenade area to be good with clean facilities - including a baby room which was very handy. We bought sandwiches from town then sauntered to the beach to eat them. I wouldn't recommend the ice cream parlour as it was a bit overpriced and the ice cream tasteless.
However, the best part for us was the beach huts and pebble beach. Lovely views out to the sea and the wind farms which, sadly for our tot, were not going round as there was no wind. However, this left us with a fantastic view of calm still water which was only now and again disturbed, though not unpleasantly, by people doing various watersports.

Only an hour's drive from Plumstead, and most definitely worth the trip.

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Planet Plumstead said...

Love the snaps Plummy, especially the beach huts.