Saturday, 23 May 2009

Happy Birthday old friend

Today is the 42nd birthday of one of my old school friends, Neetu Jain.
If things were normal, I'd have sent her a card...her birthday is a few days after mine so I always remember but not always on time! We never ever did presents which I now find strange. Then later on today or tomorrow I'd give her a call to find out how she celebrated.
I have a lot of memories of my old friend from school days and from the years after. Like a lot of school friends who had gone to different universities, we had our own lives. But whenever we met or talked on the phone, the months in between just melted away. A cheerful person who was very lucky to have travelled to loads of countries with her work (yes I was jealous!). In the last few years she bought a flat did it up very nicely and fell in love with the boy next door (or rather downstairs).
3 days before I and another old friend were going to meet Neetu's love, she had the most unluckiest day. She left chaos at Kings Cross and got onto the No. 30 bus. In Tavistock square, she was murdered by the most ignorant person. Someone M15 knew about but were too stretched to watch properly.
I was so lucky to have her as a friend and will always think of her on this and every other single day. My love goes out to her family.

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