Saturday, 28 November 2009

Christmas comes early

We took a walk around Plumstead today which was remarkably clean and leaf free...almost as if Autumn had not happened.
We popped into Roy's stores and saw they are full of Chrimbo decorations and had trees outside. Now I've been wondering all week if it's too early for mince pies and some good friends assure me that it isn't. But is it too early for trees...well not for a house behind Herbert road that has a beautiful tree. I was going to snap a picture but came to my senses when I noted the owner was sitting on his couch and might have been offended at this almost paparazzi-like invasion of his privacy.
Even it's too early, who cares. It's lovely to see beautiful decorations anytime of the year. And if anyone knows of any Chrimbo markets then please let me know as I love them.


PlumBun said...

Lots of Christmas markets at the O2, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, Greenwich Market (which has advent calendar windows this year). Southbank has a German food market as well. Bluewater has a wonderland area too as does Ruxley Garden centre with Reindeer.
I love Christmas but not until December 1st!

Plummy Mummy said...

Thanks for that list. Defo going to check some of those out.

Anonymous said...

Also Charlton House this Saturday have a Christmas themed day, Reindeer, snow machines and fireworks.

Plummy Mummy said...

Yep I saw that in the greenwich times. I'll be going ....traffic permitting as it's just a bit too far to walk from Plumstead (says the woman that used to walk miles and miles when I lived up norf but somehow feel the hills around here defeat me)