Wednesday, 18 November 2009

School days are the happiest

Tot started nursery this week. She settled in very well and didn't seem to miss me at all today when she spent 1.5 hours there. In fact, on both days she cried as we had to leave and today I had to chase her around the place just to take her out.
I've had time today to do knitting (boring maybe but it relaxes me and reduces the hands that I would otherwise devote to eating chocolate) and to watch two episodes of the excellent "In Treatment". I also had a few minutes where I was a bit upset about not being missed...the fact that she doesn't need me constantly is a shock but I'll get over it. I am so proud that she is able to settle in without too many tears.

Next week, I'll have a whole 8 HOURS to myself. I'm giddy with the thought of it. I've gone a bit kids art and craft mad so I'll have time to look up fun things to cut, paint, glue and glitter with her on the days she's with me.
Thanks to all who wrote encouraging notes to my earlier post about this.


Cheerful One said...

You may well find that she suddenly decides she really misses you. My friend's little one did that when she started school. She did a week of that and then went back to being OK again.

What are you knitting?

PlumBun said...

What fun, I am a big fan of nurseries, how is tot getting on with the plants and seedlings! ha ha ha....Seriously in my humble opinion I think you have made a good choice to send tot to nursery. They get really stimulated, make friends and get to run around all day. Hip hooray.

Raven said...

Oh well done. It'll be good for both of you. I often run around giddy too when I (infrequently) find myself home alone!

Plummy Mummy said...

Knitting a scarf again! Learnt to knit when I was around 10, gave it up as my brothers complained about the clackng of the needles. Took up crotchet but gave that up to.
32 years later having another go. Was given loads of books and wool last xmas that I'm working through. I will make a baby blanket next (yes, I know it's just a very wide scarf!)

Cheerful One said...

I favour the rectangle in the world of knitting :)