Sunday, 1 November 2009


The Plummy Mummy household has been full of lurgies for the last few weeks. We have had our first wave of winter colds though I was convinced I had man flu as I could hardly move. On top of this we have been waiting to see if tot has got chickenpox as she was in close proximity to another tot who got the pox which has meant being confined in our movements.
All in all, we have felt sorry for ourselves as we have been hacking up our lungs and noting the colour of the stuff coming out. Poor tot hasn't learnt how to do this particular trick so ends up regurgitating her food.
The potential of pox means we have to avoid all preggers ladies and any recently borns. So I am considering carrying a bell and loudly declaring the presence of the tot as we walk around Co-op.
I've been peering at her skin rather closely to see if she has any tell tale far we have seen rashes but they aren't itchy. They also disappear so perhaps this is a case of projected pox psychosamaticism?
Hope we get better soon as boredom may bring out a severe case of the terrible twos...a fate which we have so far managed to avoid :D

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