Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Charlton Fair

We went along to the Charlton Xmas fair last weekend. Wish we had gone in the morning when it was sunny rather in the rain as we ended up doing. And when we got there, after some time finding parking, it was also dark (as were my photos :( ).
The fair had a small farmers market, then an area with some very gorgeous reindeer who were sat rather peacefully while all around them children loitered (I hope they weren't somehow drugged!) and owls. Some of the owls were MASSIVE. And a very tiny little horse that kids could take rides on.
One [depressing] thing that immediately struck me is that now we have a tot, we are doomed to spend our lives in queues. There was a very long queue for Santa's grotto and an even longer one for the little Thomas-like train taking people [i.e. not just little kids but big ones and even bigger adults] around part of the grounds. We didn't bother. Much as we love our tot, we didn't think waiting in the cold and rain was justified. She was happy just to watch the train go chugging by.
I've never been to Charlton House, but I will definitely make the time. We saw part of the inside and it is beautiful.
There was a jolly steel band of Santa clad drummers that added a bit of atmosphere. However, perhaps as we were a bit late getting there, we didn't think there were enough stalls and only left with a small stash of fudge and a loaf of bread.
I had read there were fireworks but I'm afraid we also gave those a miss. I am sure if you are the sort of parent that is willing to queue and wait, this would have been a great event. I hope it's there next year as I'm sure by then, tot will have us properly trained.

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