Tuesday, 22 December 2009

mobile again

I am trying a touch of mobile blogging for a while as I am without my clunky laptop. Last time i tried things did not go well as some posts and comments failed to appear.
We escaped London yesterday no thanks to me who freaked about driving in snow but mostly as the snow rushing to our windscreen looked like that effect in star trek when they go to warp speed.
Two things stick in my mind from the journey. The first is how do kids learn that annoying moan that does not illicit sympathy...our tot has had colds, coughs and puking on and off since mid oct and has developed a self pitying moan. Note the lack of sympathy in my tone :(
The second is why have a gesture activated button to flush a loo but no such thing to open the door...germs travel. Then have a gesture activated tap but have dryers that require physical contact. So stupid.


Anjali D'Souza said...

Hi Plummy Mummy,
It a little difficult to send messages on here. I'm not sure if you received my email. I came across your blog from google, its great someone is putting Plumstead on the map!
I'm starting a dance school in the New Year it will be in Plumstead, Herbert Road. Would it be possible to put this post on your blog?

"STEPZ School of Dance is providing new dance classes that are centred on the teaching of ‘Streetdance’ to children of all levels aged 4 and above. We believe that everyone should be given the chance to work together to achieve; ‘Anyone can make it if you know how to shake it!’

This is why STEPZ School of Dance is not only an opportunity to learn something new but is also a place to meet new people and make new friends.

First class begins Friday 15th January 2010 from 4.30-6.00. First lesson free!
If you are interested contact us at Mail-me
07545452525 - Anjali. Come Along!"

Here is my blog http://anjalidsouza.blogspot.com/

Many Thanks
Anjali D'Souza

Plummy Mummy said...

Sorry Anjali, I've not been reading my mails as I'm on hols :)
Good luck with the school - I'll bring tot along in a few years when she's old enough.