Sunday, 17 October 2010

Apple day Woodlands Farm Trust

I really need to learn to read more carefully. I had hyped up the Woodland Farm Apple day for tot telling her we could pick apples like the presenters on the Cbeebies ident for Autumn. She has been practicing her apple picking technique for a few days. It turns out there was no picking to be done. It was a day to celebrate all things apple but not to pick your own. The apples on sale came from Pippins farm in Maidstone (you can go there and pick your own plus other fruit) - we managed to get the last 2 having got to the stall so late.
I also managed to get the last jar of Cathy's Hot Lips - what a great name. This is the only thing she sells and my goodness after a taste, my tongue was really on fire but in that wonderful way. I'm sure I'll only have a little of it then give the rest to my mate's husband who's into all things hot.
Tot nearly pushed over Rosie's Cakery stall grabbing the very last cupcake which was yummy coffee flavoured (yes, hubby and I ate it while we placated her with a toffee apple topped cake from the cafe).  Other stalls that caught my attention were the Kelsey's Farm pumpkin one and the Care Grow Chilli Specialists though we didn't indulge in either on this occasion.
We are incredibly lucky to have this farm in our area and that they hold such events FOR FREE. You are encouraged to make a donation which is well worth doing as the farm has very little financial aid. 
A perfect afternoon was completed by taking our coffee into the cottage garden. Bliss.

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Raven said...

Good to read about this - it sounds a good day. And really nice weather. We didn't go in the end - my son's football match, and then IKEA beckoned...