Friday, 8 October 2010

Bogus roofers in Plumstead

The police have been round to warn our street of bogus roofers. Apparently these guys spray a roof with water, then knock on the householder's door and say they were working in the area, noticed the water dripping, and then offer to fix the guttering at a high cost.
So beware.

P.S. I absolutely hate when people come to door touting for business, promoting a religion or even collecting for charity and think that it can be quite menacing having this sort of unwelcome intrusion. I've had utilities suppliers being sarky that I don't want to save money by switching to them, or charity collectors being very uncharitable. And before any assumptions are made, let me make it clear...I do donate to a number of charities that are close to my heart and that I have taken the time to research regarding their use of funds etc. And we keep an eye on utilities suppliers too.
On last night's Watchdog, Martin Lewis from the Moneysaving Expert site was on about how to beat cold callers, junk mail and unwanted calls away. I'm off now to print a massive NO COLD CALLERS sign :)


Doctor Pangloss said...

Thanks for the warning. I don't mind cold callers as I have great fun turning their sales pitches on their heads. I only resort to such schadenfreude tactics if they really can't understand "no thank you".

Just put on a politician's head, tell nothing and answer with a question. I know the poor souls are just trying to do a job, but heavy sales spiel is so boring.

PlumBun said...

I feel desperately sorry for anyone whose job is to knock on doors and traipse around the hills of Plumsteadshire and sell something they probably have no real knowledge of in the rain to homeowners who really don't want their wares. Mainly they end up being abused and their bosses who make them sell such trite sit in warm offices..
Now cold callers who sit in warm offices and generally are rude because they hide behind the phone really do get my goat..I had a blazing row with one the other day who was so rude, so much that I called the company and made a complaint citing the time I had been called and what it was about. I doubt anything happened but it makes me feel better to think she might have been fired. Rude cow!

Nat said...

Sure fire solution for cold callers.

"I'm sorry - I don't own the house, I'm only renting".

You won't see them for dust.

Anonymous said...

One of the energy companies knocked once and told me they'd checked and I could save money on my electric and gas bills with them. Told them that I'd no idea how they knew that as I'd only just bought the house and hadn't yet had a bill!

But the I don't own the house line works everytime!