Thursday, 7 October 2010

Network, network, network

I've had a technologically challenging day today. Woke to find that once again, the 3 network was on the blink and I couldn't browse the web, make calls or get texts. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. This invokes the "getting out of the bed on the wrong side" feeling for me as it's my habit to wake up, read the news headlines and log into Facebook to see what's happening. I know the latter is pathetic but when your only company for hours on end is a 3 year old, it's nice to read that your adult friends have lives and that they think of you once in a while.
So I was grumpy. Even more so as aforementioned tot had been coughing and moaning all night long. Poor lamb. Poor me.
Eventually, I logged onto my laptop and failure no.2 happens. I couldn't connect to the Internet. NO INTERNET ACCESS. You might as well brick me up and leave me to howl like a wailing banshee (is there any other sort). I felt totally cut off.  And quite angry. I mean how hard is it to give me good network and broadband coverage. 

So my questions to you all:
1. What mobile networks are you on and how reliable are they around Greenwich, particularly Plumstead
2. What broadband supplier do you use and how reliable are they?

I don't want to know what handsets you have (not an apple lover unless it's crunchy and goes into a crumble) and I'm not being nosey just trying to find out what works around here.

As you can see, broadband is back for a bit. Yay me and having just read Facebook, I haven't really missed much (it's a bit like Eastenders that way).


SatanicBuddha said...

Good evening,
First time poster, long time reader.
My wife, daughter & I are Plumsteadians, just off Winns Common.
We have Virgin broadband wifi & find it brilliant. We have it on an unlimited package & find it brilliant & fairly reliable (1 fault in the service in 3 years). Along with the Virgin tv, makes quite a nice package.
However, their customer service can sometimes leave something to be desired.

Nat said...

I'm over in Charlton and also use Virgin Broadband. I agree with the previous comment... it is reliable and I've no complaints other than their customer service... which is honestly pretty appalling... it is outsourced overseas and I have huge problems communicating with the representatives - apart from that though... very good.

Mobile network for me is O2... their 3G signal is pretty patchy in the borough it must be said.

Anonymous said...

Virgin here as well and pretty happy with it. I had quite a few problems just before I upgraded to 50Mb which I've been told uses different infrastructure. Now it's blindingly fast even during evenings/weekends.

For mobile and mobile web I use Vodafone and get a good signal apart from when I head up Dot Hill towards Shrewsbury Park. JS

Plummy Mummy said...

Thanks all for your feedback. Interestingly, we are also with Virgin bb. Wonder if it's our set up???
I wonder if anyone has tried BT infinity yet as that's meant to be mega fast.
BTW know what you mean about customer services...I find it hard understanding some accents on the phone too. Like Tesco's who have their cs in dundee!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Orange,it's ok but before I moved (from Sladedale to off Garland) it was forever going down, so I think their coverage can be patchy. Though their tech support is outsourced and are pretty useless.

Mobile is Orange - get free broadband. Still find reception can be iffy. Work crackberry is Vodaphone and much better reception.

Plummy Mummy said...

Looks as if Vodafone might be worth a go.