Friday, 14 January 2011

Co-op cafe

Don't get excited - I'm not about to announce a new cafe or anything but am only going to rehash what so many of us have said/dreamt of.
I've just been into the Plumstead Common Road Co-op and saw 3 other parents there and a neighbour. Wouldn't it be great if there was a cafe on-site where we could sit down and have a quick natter before going on our merry way. Mind you, I wonder if the Co-op staff would be able to run it as some of them seem slightly thrown by queues - as soon as one forms, the turnover of customers seems to slow down.
Another great place for a cafe would be the new Sure Start centre on Erindale. Not sure if that's included in the plans.
Sigh. Back to mine for a cuppa then.


Anonymous said...

It could be a real multi use venue, something that does coffee/cake in the mornings, lunches and then how about opens for dinner. Even if it is not licensed it could be a BYO...sigh..

mangocheeks said...

Its such a shame there are not that many on-site cafes. They can be great networking places, but also a places where communities comes together.

Plummy Mummy said...

Some of the supermarkets seem to have cottoned on and linked up with Costa coffee. Just not in Plumstead. BIG COLLECTIVE SIGH

Den Browne said...

I'd forget about the Co-op, it's got to be one of the worst-managed shops I've ever known. Queue for ages even when the place is practically empty... is any use made of the rest of the building it's in? Or maybe one of the vacant premises in "the Dip", it's a shame it's so shabby now.