Thursday, 20 January 2011

My life in film

Sometimes, for fleeting moments, I feel as if I don't belong. I mostly attribute this to being born abroad though we came here when I was very young. It's also partly because of the schitzo existence of many Asians I know who are British in school/work but at home have an Asian family life. Very rarely, it's due to being the only brown face around though thankfully around Plumstead this is not an issue as it's such a rainbow borough.
In these moments, I find it hard to state where home is. But the other day I caught "Last Chance Harvey"* on the box featuring Dustin Hoffman and the excellent Emma Thompson - large parts of the film are shot on the South Bank around the NFT and Royal Festival Hall. As I watched, my heart soared as this is one of my favourite areas of London, second only to the British Museum. The film also struck a chord as it was about finding love late in life rather like Mr Plummy Mummy and I who got together in our late 30s. Our first date was at the NFT and we have subsequently returned there to watch films. I have other fond memories here of walking around the second hand book stall in front of the NFT cafe, of having drinks in the Festival Hall bar and going for countless meals around the area.
I didn't get quite the same feeling when the British Museum featured in the Mummy (it made me laugh with joy rather than feel gooey eyed) but I did enjoy when it showed up in Doctor Who and in the recent TV adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. So though not my life in film, these locations have been wonderful parts of my life and let me feel very much at home and that I do in fact belong in this wonderful city.

* Last Chance Harvey though not a bad film, is nowhere near as good as Stranger than Fiction...if you haven't seen the latter, give yourself a shake and order it from LoveFilm, or should I now say Amazon?

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