Monday, 3 January 2011


Hello Sweet Plums (and non Plums). I've been gone sometime. I ventured North of the Border with trepidation having watched the days of doom/gloom snow reports. But it was easily the easiest drive we have had and made it in record snow and sod all ice. I feel a bit cheated. It was the same back too.
This succinctly describes Xmas for me as I came down with a seriously painful case of tonsillitis. So all that planning, present buying and general dizziness came to nothing as I spent most of the holidays asleep doped up on drugs (medicinal not recreational). By the amount of moaning/complaining/bewailing that I did, you would think that I had Man Tonsillitis (like Man flu but much worse). Does explain why I was in such a bummer mood in the run up, I was run down.
Luckily for me all my packages arrived so bods got their Xmas gifts. Not so for my Dundee lot who snow to deal and a rather inefficient re-org at their local Royal Mail depot. It's probably why no-one thought to buy me a family calendar this year....going to be hitting the shops for that one soon.
The upside off all this:
1) I absolutely love my hubby even more. He had a tonsillectomy as part of his battle against snoring and for over 2 weeks put up with pain that had me reduced to a snivelling wreck after 3 days. He's so very, very kind for doing it for me.
2) I lost weight. Wooooohoooooooooo. Usual Xmas pounds are no-where to be found. Now I just have to keep them off and the old Doctor will be happy with me too.
3) Being confined to bed was great for my bank balance as I couldn't spend any dosh.
4) I appreciate my beautiful big bed even more after having been sleeping elsewhere for nearly 2 weeks.
5) I watched quite a lot of TV. Not a lot on but I was glad to have watched Doctor Who and also the BBC show on Eric and Ernie. Who knew that Eric was such a pushoever.
6) And lastly, the most surprising for me ....I missed Plumstead Common.

I hope you all had a good one and that your New Year is getting off to a great start.


hilly said...

happy new year plummy mummy, are you going to come on twitter soon? (hint hint)

Plummy Mummy said...

Sadly, i've been on it for about a year but am not very active. A mate was saying she uses it to find out the latest news as it's so I should make more of an effort this year.
Just started following you :)