Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New experiences Snake

So earlier this year I was talking about new experiences and today I did something I didn't think I would ever do - I touched a snake. The Rainforest Adventurers are doing the rounds of Greenwich schools bringing mini-beasts from the rainforest. Today it was the turn of my little one's nursery.
She wasn't going near any of the animals and half way through the session, she wondered off. But I stayed. We saw a giant snail (slimy ewwww), a cockroach (ewww), a centipede (ewww), a tarantula (in it's cage, so phew), a stick insect (awww cute) and a snake. It looked very similar to the image above with a lovely pattern of oranges. I was a bit freaked out at the flicking tongue but after touching it, I was less afraid. Having said that, I would NO WAY hold it. Some of the kids were incredibly brave and had every creature in their little hands putting me and a few other parents to shame!
The kids are so lucky to have such great experiences and I'm so lucky too. I just hope the animals weren't too scared.

P.S. The man doing the session is a Scot (yayyyy all Scots!!) as is the Rainforest Adventure company. So you may find that there is a strange man, dressed like a student on a year out to the wilds of the Amazon, staying in a hotel near you with some rather strange bed companions.

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