Sunday, 12 June 2011

Woolwich in the rain

I HAD to get out of the house today. Unfortunately, there is not a lot to do indoors in Plumstead so [very unlike me] I decided to take the sprog and my mother in law for a walk in the persistent rain along the Royal Arsenal site this morning. We parked for free, yes FREE, in the Royal Arsenal carpark. Love parking for free. And would even have been happy to shell out 60p to park on a Saturday.
We walked to the Clipper boarding area to spot boats - damn I wish I had my camera as there was a tiny sailboat trying to sail inbetween the two Woolwich ferries. It was soooo dramatic. We also spotted a Firepower kids party out in the rain being shouted at by a soldier type. The little kids looked like they were having lots of fun.
Of course, after our adventure, a treat coffee was in order. We bypassed the Dial Arch and headed to Starbucks on Powis street (hoping it would be more affordable and have more child friendly treats). I was worried it would be rough but no, it was like every Starbucks everywhere in the world which was a relief. Coffee drank, a little wonder down Powis street in search of arts&crafts stuff for kiddo at the Works and Poundland. I wanted to visit the new Wilkinsons and the cheap pound shop on the corner but both kiddo and MIL looked rather bedraggled so we gave it a miss.
I was sad to see that the stallholders weren't around and replaced by lots of building work. Yet, despite this, I think Woolwich is tolerable in the rain when the normal "clientele" are no-where to be seen.


Shaheen said...

Rain rain every where.

Plummy Mummy, I wanted to come by and say Thank you so much for your encouraging and kind comment on my blog recently. Your right about HR bods, they have 'human' in the title but in truth seem to be more robots. Anyway, your comment really means a lot. Thank you. Kindest of wishes.

PlumBun said...

I'm a big fan of a rummage around but I just can't face Woolwich ever. I can tolerate Eltham and Bexleyheath but Woolwich is just a step too far (or sadly too close) for me. I do like the Dial Arch though and am pleased to see Woolwich has a Starbucks, Costa Coffee etc and hopefully the regeneration will knock up a Pizza Express or some more chain stores to make it a little more worthy of a visit.

Plummy Mummy said...

A2K - my pleasure. Glad you are back to posting - have missed your recipes.

PB - I know what you mean. Mind you, I haven't been to charity shops in Bexleyheath.
Plumstead high st charity shops are AWFUL