Thursday, 29 March 2012

Job hunting

I applied for a job last week. Second job application in 5 years. It was for a temporary weekend role - working both Saturday and Sunday for 6 months, 9 to 5.  I did my best to tailor my c.v. as you do. Haven't heard anything yet. There aren't that many jobs to apply for around here and even fewer for a parent that has to be there for her kid when she gets home from nursery. I don't really want to pay for a childminder to look after her especially as what I would be paid for part-time work would just go straight into the hands of the childminder. However, in order to get more recent experience on my c.v. that's what I might have to do. I hate not having worked for so long. In August things should get a bit easier as little one goes off to primary school. It's also easier now we are living in the same town that Mr Plummy works in as he can help with school drop offs/picks up and emergencies. This latter has been the thing that worries me most - if I go to work, and there is an emergency at the school, who could pick up the little one. Sometimes it sucks to live so far from family and friends.
Can you tell that this is making me a bit antsy?

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Anonymous said...

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